Well, life is indeed a very unpredictable journey and sometimes it transformations us from caterpillar into a butterfly according to its circumstances and I was no exception in this regard. Few unexpeted events took place in my personal life and I could not believe as to why and how? I wanted to know the reasons behind all these so, I started going to many astrologers to get my answers but, none of them could ever clarify them to my own justification! After loosing my complete faith from those bogus so called astrologers, I decided to jump into the ocean of astrology on my own guts and see its accuracy and depth which was indeed a big challenge for me.

My study and research begun in 2003, started learning the basics of vedic astology and its various predictive methods. Gradually this passion turned into a big obsession and also started meditation which immensely helped me to fine tune my intuitive power. Of course, books provided me knowledge but, my research made it more intense and significant. I have done thorough case studies on different levels which ultimately transformed my core existance and made me a successful astrologer today. Now I know myself much better than ever and believe good or bad, nothing happens by chance in our life on the plane of Earth in fact, it's all based on the law of sanchit karma or past life actions which manifests itself as per the correct time and place without anyone's interference.

Not to mention, there are many aspects to lookupon for a powerful and genuine analysis of a birth chart and most of the bogus astrologers do not pay attention to the inner fundamentals of astrology which are of prime importance hence their predictions completely fail this is what I have keenly observed for many years now. Astrology certainly cannot change someone's destiny for sure which one must go through in this lifetime but, it has immense potential to guide and make us aware about various events based on planetary time or dasha system. Astrology is a gravity which is working 24X7 365 days!